Look X-Track: The Ultimate Power Meter Pedals for Mountain and Gravel Biking

Discover the Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals, the perfect upgrade for XC and gravel cyclists seeking precise training data and seamless bike swapping.

Look X-Track: The Ultimate Power Meter Pedals for Mountain and Gravel Biking

For those of us cyclists who live by the philosophy of always having n+1 bikes, finding gear that can move between bikes is crucial. Enter the Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals, a revolutionary addition to the watt-conscious cyclist's toolkit.

The beauty of power meter pedals lies in their versatility and ease of use—they're quick to install, easy to swap between bikes, and compatible with indoor trainers. However, mountain bike and gravel enthusiasts have often found their options limited, until now. Look's introduction of the X-Track power meter pedals bridges this gap, offering SPD-compatibility that aligns with the needs of the off-road cyclist.

Crafted to mirror the form factor of classic cageless MTB pedals like Shimano’s XTR and Look’s own X-Track Race, these pedals maintain near-identical Q-Factor (width) and stack numbers, ensuring a seamless transition without the need for cleat adjustments. While they are slightly heavier than their non-power meter counterparts, the difference is negligible and unlikely to impact performance for most riders.

Constructed with an aluminum body and a steel axle, the Look X-Track power meter pedals promise durability and reliability. They offer dual-sided or single-sided power measurement options, with a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%. The dual-sided model provides more detailed data, including left/right balance, which can be invaluable for fine-tuning training and performance.

With a 60-hour battery life and USB-C rechargeability, these pedals are designed for the long haul. Look's proprietary auto-calibration algorithm means setting up is a breeze, leaving more time for what matters most—riding. Priced competitively at $759 for the single-sided and $1099 for the dual-sided version, they stand up well against other players in the market, offering a more affordable option without compromising on quality or functionality.

For serious cyclists looking to get the most out of every ride, whether on trails or gravel roads, the Look X-Track Power Meter Pedals offer a compelling combination of precision, flexibility, and value. As we move towards a more universally compatible tech world, Look’s adoption of USB-C charging is a nod to convenience and future-proofing. Whether you're training for your next race or simply looking to enhance your cycling experience, these power meter pedals could be the game changer you've been searching for.