Build and Tune into the Past with LEGO's New Retro Radio Set

Dive into nostalgia with LEGO's Retro Radio, a stunning replica from the Icons collection that combines vintage aesthetics with modern twists. Available from June 1st!

Build and Tune into the Past with LEGO's New Retro Radio Set

LEGO is gearing up to launch its latest nostalgic creation, the Retro Radio, as part of the LEGO Icons collection. Priced at $99.99, this model set isn't just a visual treat with its mechanical tuner knob, foldup handle, and antenna; it also boasts a built-in sound brick that plays snippets of tunes and fake radio broadcasts. Despite its old-school charm, the set stops short of being a functional radio, offering instead a smartphone compartment for digital audio streaming, capturing both the look and spirit of the 1970s.


  • Model: LEGO Icons Retro Radio (10334)
  • Pieces: 906
  • Features: Mechanical tuner knob, sound brick with preloaded sounds, smartphone compartment
  • Design: Faux wood trim, mint green exterior, magnified tuner window, classic speaker slits
  • Size: Over 12 in. high, 9 in. wide, 2.5 in. deep
  • Price: $99.99
  • Availability: Starting June 1st

This set offers a fun blend of interactive features with a touch of retro flair, perfect for LEGO enthusiasts and vintage collectors alike.