Legally Blind Rider Does First Race Since Vision Loss

Blake Steinecke started noticing vision loss during his sophomore year of highschool. What started out a small concern quickly became a massive issue. Despite his lack of sight he refused to let this prohibit him in any way. Blake has attained great success since his vision loss graduating college, playing for the U.S. national blind hockey team and starting his own consulting business all by the age of 23. Blakes greatest trait of all though is his normalcy. You would never know what he’s been through unless you asked. He does not let something that is out of his control define him which is very rare. Blake doesn’t see himself as much different from the rest. He just loves to ride his bike and works hard to do so. I’ve known Blake for a few years now and always thought it would cool to share his story. This is the longest off the record video i’ve made but I still only scratched the surface of Blake and his story.

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