Lael Wilcox's Challenge: Breaking the Around-the-World Cycling Record

Lael Wilcox's Challenge: Breaking the Around-the-World Cycling Record

Renowned for her tenacity on two wheels, Lael Wilcox has been a notable figure in the endurance cycling scene. With accolades like the Trans Am Bike Race win and a new women’s record on the Tour Divide, her pedal strokes tell tales of indomitable spirit and endurance. Now, her eyes are set on a new accolade, one that circles the entire globe. She’s stepping up to challenge Jenny Graham’s around-the-world cycling record, a formidable feat of completing the journey in 124 days.

A Breakdown of The Attempt

To clinch the title, Lael has to circumnavigate the globe, covering a minimum of 18,000 miles. Simple math chalks that up to an average of about 145 miles per day. Considering an average speed of 15 mph, that’s nearly 10 hours on the bike daily. It’s a grind, to say the least, but for Lael, it’s a calling.

In terms of energy, cycling burns approximately 500 to 600 calories per hour for someone weighing around 155 pounds, according to Harvard Medical School. Given Lael’s intensive daily mileage, the caloric furnace will be burning bright, to the tune of 5000 to 6000 calories daily, if not more.

Beyond The Numbers

While the statistics paint a picture of the physical toll, they barely scratch the surface of the mental mettle required for such an endeavor. Every day brings a new set of challenges; unexpected weather changes, varying road conditions, and the imperative self-sufficiency on long, desolate stretches.

The Community and The Lone Rider

One fascinating aspect of Lael’s endeavor is the juxtaposition of solitary riding and community support. Unlike outdoor races where camaraderie fuels the spirit, an around-the-world attempt is a lonesome affair. Yet, the global cycling community will be virtually riding alongside, following every update and cheering for Lael from afar.

Lael’s attempt at the around-the-world cycling record is more than a race against time; it’s a brilliant display of what the human spirit, coupled with a pair of resilient legs, can achieve. The vast stretch of open road awaits and as Lael pedals through, the world watches, one mile at a time.