Lachlan Morton Sets New Everesting Record

Lachlan Morton Sets New Everesting Record

Everesting, so hot right now. How fast can you climb a cumalative of 8848 metres, the same as Mt. Everest. 

Lachlan Morton has become the latest man to stamp his name on the world record, taking 7 hours, 32 minutes, 54 seconds to cover the 8,848 metres of elevation gain needed.

The EF Pro Cycling cyclist rode 42 repeats of the 1.9km, 11% grade Rist Canyon climb outside Fort Collins, Colorado. His average power output was 276 Watts, and he expended 6,891 calories during his effort.

Morton beat Keegan Swenson’s time by just over seven minutes.

Swenson said on his Instagram: “Lachlan Morton just raised the Everesting bar… and he did it at altitude as it should be done.” Swenson added a poll to his post, saying “Maybe we’ll need to have a head to head Everest race,” inviting people to vote for or against the idea.

I really want an EF Gone Racing video on this.