Lachlan Morton and Alex Howes Crush Old Man Winter Rally

I’m sitting at home, missing out on the first race of the year, nursing my back post herniated disc surgery. But, the Old Man Winter Rally has provided plenty of entertainment nonetheless.

Lachlan Morton and Alex Howes crushed the 100 km course and currently sit atop the leaderboard in the Old Man Winter Rally. The WorldTour pros are a full 24 minutes faster than third place.

The 2021 edition of Old Man Winter features 50km and 100km off-road rides with competitors given a nine-day window to complete the course and then upload their GPS file to be included on the leaderboard, winners will be named February 14. 

Morton, 29, currently sits top of the 100km bike event with a time of 2:29:57, with Howes second at 2:30:00. Third place is currently David Sachs with a time of 2:54:12. 

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