Keego, a squeezable metal water bottle

When it comes to water bottles, you really have two choices; squeezable plastic or rigid metal or glass. Metal bottles are great because they sideline harmful chemicals like BPA and don’t absorb odors and flavors, but metal tends to be heavy and traditionally is not very easy to squeeze.

Keego is made from  99.8-percent titanium and flexes just like a standard plastic cycling water bottle. That means the convenience of a standard cycling bottle without any of the downsides of plastic.  The Keego weighs 4.9 ounces and fits inside a standard water bottle cage.

As for specifics on how titanium got its elasticity for the Keego bottle? That’s a secret as Keego is still waiting on a patent for the process. If you want to try one for yourself Keego is funding right now on Kickstarter.