Katya Rakhmatulina Shatters Record at the Colorado Trail Race

Katya Rakhmatulina Shatters Record at the Colorado Trail Race

The Colorado Trail Race (CTR) is known for its grueling challenges, with bikepackers covering over 500 miles and tackling an astounding 70,000 feet of climbing from Durango to Denver. This year, the event was particularly thrilling, with 75 participants making their way northbound and fans eagerly tracking their progress.


A New Record Emerges

The excitement reached its peak when Katya Rakhmatulina, a 28-year-old from Oakland, California, crossed the finish line at Waterton Canyon in southwest Denver. Completing the race in just five days, one hour, and 53 minutes (5:01:53), Rakhmatulina didn’t just finish the race; she made history. Breaking the previous women’s record by almost a full day, she set a new women’s “North/East” Colorado Trail Race course record.

A Remarkable Feat

What makes Rakhmatulina’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that she broke the record previously held by Alexandera Houchin, which stood at 6:01:34 from 2019. Houchin, showcasing her incredible stamina and skill, finished the race just 13 hours after Rakhmatulina, clocking in at five days, 14 hours, and 31 minutes (5:14:31). And she did it on a singlespeed!

The Triple Crown Challenge

Both Rakhmatulina and Houchin, along with Lael Wilcox—who secured the second position in this year’s CTR—are competing in the Triple Crown of bikepacking this summer. This unofficial series comprises the Tour Divide, the Colorado Trail Race, and the Arizona Trail Race. Participants in this challenge will cover a staggering 4,000 miles and ascend 340,000 feet. It’s a testament to the endurance and passion of these athletes.

The Colorado Trail Race has once again proven to be a platform where exceptional athletes push their limits and achieve the extraordinary. Katya Rakhmatulina’s record-breaking performance is a testament to her dedication, skill, and sheer willpower. As fans of the sport, we can only look forward to more such inspiring feats in the future.