It's About Time: Fed Tax Credit for E-Bikes Proposed

It's About Time: Fed Tax Credit for E-Bikes Proposed

Tax credits for electric and hybrid vehicles have been around for years now, and they’re proven to work. But, as a city dweller, I’ve often wondered: Why are we giving huge tax credits to offset the price of a car, when we could encourage people to ditch their car altogether when the same sized tax credit could buy a whole e-bike or a couple for that matter?

Finally, some legislation is here to try.

The Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act, sponsored by Jimmy Panetta (D-CA) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), would give tax credits of $1,500 for any new e-bike purchase. This could be a huge motivator for urban folks to finally ditch their car.

The individual part of the bill would allow multiple family members to get a bike at once. Plus, the bike allows riders to re-up every three years.

A bill like this should be a no-brainer, but knowing that half of Congress are just oil execs moonlighting as Senators, there will undoubtedly be a fight. Tell your representative to support the bill, here.