Introducing the Win Wing 2: The Ultimate Gravel Mudguard for Adventure Cycling

Introducing the Win Wing 2: The Ultimate Gravel Mudguard for Adventure Cycling

Get ready to embark on your next gravel adventure with the new Win Wing 2, an enhanced version of the popular rear fender, now featuring a stylish and subtle Black Dot design. Designed for the intrepid cyclist who doesn’t shy away from muddy paths and rugged terrains, the Win Wing 2 is the epitome of efficiency and protection.

The Win Wing 2 isn’t just another mudguard; it’s a testament to innovative design and practicality. Boasting full backside rider protection from the knee up, it ensures you stay clean and dry, no matter how challenging the trail gets. This is not just about staying mud-free; it’s about riding with confidence.

But what truly sets the Win Wing 2 apart is its reinforced, patent-pending wishbone technology. Durability meets functionality in this clever design, allowing the mudguard to withstand the harsh conditions of gravel riding. It attaches seamlessly to every bike in seconds and requires no tools, making it incredibly user-friendly. Whether you’re a pro rider or a weekend warrior, the Win Wing 2 is designed for everyone.

Worried about compatibility? Fear not, as the Win Wing 2 Gravel fits practically any gravel bike. Suitable for tire widths up to 60 mm, it offers versatile adaptability. And with the inclusion of frame protection stickers, your bike stays as pristine as your clothing.

What’s more, the Win Wing 2 Gravel ensures a silent and stable ride without any rattling or jamming. Weighing in at a mere 72g, it’s so light you won’t even notice it’s there, yet it provides robust protection in the worst conditions.

Stronger, gentler, and darker – the Win Wing 2 is not just a mudguard; it’s a reliable companion for your gravel grinding escapades. Prepare to conquer any path, any puddle, and any challenge that comes your way with the Win Wing 2, the fastest clip-on gravel mudguard on the market.