Introducing the Pilot Scram Pinion Smart.Shift: A Gravel Bike the Shifts for You

Discover the Pilot Scram Pinion Smart.Shift: the first electronic automatic shifting gravel bike. Experience cutting-edge technology and style with titanium-built, 700c x 45mm tire clearance and innovative Pinion gearbox. Visit for more.

Introducing the Pilot Scram Pinion Smart.Shift: A Gravel Bike the Shifts for You

Pilot Cycles has revolutionized the gravel bike scene with its latest creation: the Scram Pinion Smart.Shift. This trailblazer stands out as the first production-ready drop-bar bicycle equipped with cutting-edge electronic, automatic shifting gearbox technology. Crafted in the highly coveted titanium, this bike is not just about performance but also about style.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Tire Clearance: Accommodates up to 700c x 45mm.
  • Drivetrain: Features the innovative Pinion Smart.Shift with a Gates CDX Belt.
  • Frame Sizes: Available in sizes P1-P6 (46cm-58cm).
  • Material: Constructed with durable and sleek titanium.
  • Price: Starts at 8,250 € (~8,950 USD)
  • Learn More: Visit

Pinion's gearbox technology, already a staple in gravel biking for its low maintenance, is now enhanced with electronic shifting in the Scram Pinion Smart.Shift. This bike is not just about grinding gears on races but is an ideal companion for long adventure rides demanding robustness and reliability. This latest version elevates the experience with electronic shifting's ease, though it does come with the new task of charging.

A New Era of Shifting:

The Smart.Shift system introduces a revolution in ergonomics for drop-bar bikes. Gone are the clunky grip-shifters, replaced by the sleek TRP HYWIRE levers. This semi-automatic system not only simplifies gear changes but also adapts them to the rider's preferred cadence with its Pre.Select mode. Housed in the downtube is the system's battery, blending seamlessly with the bike's design.

The Scram Pinion Smart.Shift also boasts a robust 12-speed C-Line gearbox, wrapped in a stunning titanium frame, offering a 600% gear range. This is paired with a Gates CDX belt for minimal maintenance. While the tire clearance is slightly reduced to 700c x 45mm (38mm with fenders), the bike maintains its versatile geometry across five available sizes.

Pricing and Warranty:

Starting at 8,250 €, the bike comes equipped with an array of high-quality components, including a carbon gravel fork and TRP HyWire brakes. Pre-orders are open with expected shipping in Q2 of 2024. Pilot Cycles backs their titanium frames with a lifetime warranty, while the Pinion gearbox comes with a 3-year warranty, extendable to 5 years.

In summary, the Pilot Scram Pinion Smart.Shift is not just a gravel bike; it's a testament to innovation and design, marrying the ruggedness of traditional gravel bikes with the sophistication of modern technology. For more details, visit