Introducing the microSHIFT Sword: A Comprehensive Overview and Preview of the Newest Bike Groupset on the Block

Introducing the microSHIFT Sword: A Comprehensive Overview and Preview of the Newest Bike Groupset on the Block

Just a short while back, we saw microSHIFT’s ADVENT groupset, sporting its telltale capitalization, emerge with a no-nonsense, wide-range 9-speed drivetrain. Fast-forward a bit and ADVENT X arrived, adding an extra gear and a couple of teeth, while still upholding microSHIFT’s dedication to simplicity, maintenance-friendliness, and affordability. Now, the company has unveiled its latest offering, the evolved microSHIFT Sword groupset.

Designed for the gravel and adventure road segment, the Sword is only compatible with drop-bar, cable-brake bikes, and offers 1x, 2x, and dropper-post-compatible setups. Let’s delve into the details of what Sword offers.

Starting with the Shifters, they range from $64.99 to $94.99. The major change with the Sword shifters is the adoption of non-external cable routing, marking a departure for microSHIFT. The Sword shifters also feature textured hoods for enhanced grip, and a new shape to better accommodate flared drops. The lever blade itself consists of a glass-fiber-reinforced polymer around an aluminum core, promising to avoid a plasticky feel. Additionally, there is now a dropper-compatible left lever with a unique tension adjustment system.

Moving on to the Cranks at $114.99, microSHIFT is now offering a two-piece system with a 24mm hollow spindle, two pinch bolts on the non-drive arm, and a 110mm / 80mm 4-arm bolt pattern, similar to Shimano’s. Available in 1x or 2x configurations, these cranks come with a narrow-wide tooth profile for chain retention.

The Front Derailleur, priced at $28.99, introduces a smart cable adjustment method. It is designed to work with both 2x crank setups and is available in either a braze-on or band-style mount.

The Rear Derailleur for $79.99 is sleeker and lighter with a significant improvement in longevity. It also features a new, lower-profile clutch on/off switch.

The Cassettes, ranging from $44.99 to $69.99, are designed to work with the existing ADVENT X 11-48 cassettes, offering a mix of aluminum and steel components.

We will soon be reviewing this new kit, so stay tuned for our first impressions. Until then, you can learn more at microSHIFT.