Into the Dark

When did you leave home the last time without planning a track? We are used to always navigate with google maps, smartphones or GPS computers. Even daily routes are planned and tracked like that. What happens if you stop? Go and just ride. Will you end up in the dark? Or will you find a new adventure by losing your routine?

We are asking you to join us and start an adventure just in front of your door. Five of us already did it. We are sharing their story with you. And we would be happy if you share your stories with us!

It only took an idea, a little bit of time, friendship and some bikes. The plan was to ride our bikes from Basel back to Stuttgart within three days. No route in mind, no track planned. We loaded the Atlas Gravel bikes with all gear we might need. Tents, sleeping bags and lots of food.

The route took us to some magical places in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. We got lost, we got angry and nevertheless had great moments of joy.

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