Industry Nine Hydra Hubs Offer 690 Points of Engagement

Industry Nine Hydra Hubs Offer 690 Points of Engagement
With 0.52 ° engagement, the brand new Industry Nine Hydra hub is 5.77 times quicker than its Torch hub

If you enjoy rolling through technical singletrack, you know having a quick engagement hub can make things much more enjoyable. You can ratchet your way through rocks and roots without hanging a pedal. Back in 2013, Industry Nine changed the hub game by introducing its Torch Series, a hub driver with 120 points of engagement.

They did it by combining a hardened steel 120-tooth drivering with six phased pawls, so only three touch the drivering at a given time. This results in very quick engagement – just three degrees at the crank.

Now, Industry Nine is rewriting the rules again with its Hydra hub. The new system takes a huge leap to a whopping 690 points of engagement, just  0.52 ° between each engagement. This results in essentially instantaneous engagement.

The new Hydra drive system does this by using an independently phased six pawl, 115-tooth drivering. This  continuously phased system creates a procession of engagement points between pawl and drivering. The design utilizes the inherent flex of the axle to accomplish positive second, third, or fourth pawl contact. Hydra also tempers uncontrolled axle and bearing movements that conventional designs can’t mechanically limit, thus improving bearing life and decreasing resistance.
  • 6 pawl, 6 phase design
  • 28 hole or 32 hole
  • Improved internal layout  to maximize performance, increase durability, and decrease drag
  • 115-tooth drivering
  • Hubs:  System + Classic j-bend
  • 11 custom anodized colors
  • Wheelsets start  at $975 MSRP
  • Hubsets start  at $650 MSRP