“I Just Want to Ride” a Film By Rugile Kaladyte

Rugile Kaladyte and Jay Ritchey documented this year’s Tour Divide and have compiled a film, dubbed, “I Just Want to Ride”. Be sure to catch the premieres on the dates listed below if you can:

  • October 15th — Anchorage, Alaska (The Bicycle Shop at Dimond, 7 PM)
  • October 17th — Louisville, Colorado (PEARL iZUMi HQ, 6:30 PM)
  • October 21st — Leadville, Colorado (Leadvelo Bicicasa, 6-8 PM)
  • October 23rd — Salida, Colorado (A Church, 7 PM)
  • November 5th — Atlanta, Georgia (Location & Time TBD)
  • November 15th — Tucson, Arizona (Campfire Cycling HQ, 6 PM)
  • November 20th — Free on the PEARL iZUMi YouTube channel

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