Hutchinson’s Kraken Tire for XC, Gravel & Bikepacking

“Unleash the Kraken!”

I wouldn’t buy a tire just for the name would I… The Kraken is one part traditional XC tire, and one part semi-slick. It has tall, stout side knobs with smaller, evenly spaced traction knobs in a mini-paddle sort of configuration. The mostly uninterrupted line of center knobs keeps you fast on the smooth stuff. It comes only in 29-inch and only in a 2.3-inch width.

The Kraken comes in a super-light 120-TPI casing as well as a stouter 60-TPI, which you can also get in a gumwall version. The tire is manufactured in France. They’re definitely light weight. The 120 TPI model weighs in at 700 grams, with a 100-gram weight penalty for the extra rubber in the 60-TPI model.

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