How to Recover Your Ride File when Zwift Crashes

While Zwifting the other night my computer crashed. While there wasn’t a way to jump back into the action mid-workout once my computer was back up, it was at least possible to save the work I’d done.

If your Zwifting is interrupted by a crash, power outage, computer reboot, or Internet connection problems there is a way to recover your effort and get it uploaded to Strava.

Unfortunately, you cannot upload the file you recover to for credit though, the ride will show as partial forever. Hopefully, Zwift allows us to resume a ride or workout after a crash in the future, for now here’s how to save your pre-crash work.

Find You Ride on Zwift for PC/MAC

Every ride is saved on your computer at  %USER%DocumentsZwiftActivities and thankfully is an industry-standard .fit file. Ideally, once you find the file with the date of the crash, you can simply upload it to Strava or any other service and you’re good to go.

Fix Errors

If you get an error when uploading your .fit file to Strava or another service, don’t give up. The file is likely corrupted due to Zwift suddenly closing, but all is not lost. Take your .fit file and head over to  and fix it using their tools. In my case I used the “Corrupt Time Fixer” and then was able to upload the repaired file to STrava without issue.

There’s your fix, hopefully it saves a few of you some heartburn. After all, if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen.