How High Temperatures Impact Your Brain and Behavior

Discover how high temperatures can impair cognitive function and increase aggression, according to recent research. Learn more in this in-depth article from The New York Times.

How High Temperatures Impact Your Brain and Behavior

Well this is certainly not something I had on my climate change bingo card, not only is it miserable being hot, but it makes us stupid and aggressive too.

High temperatures don't just make you sweaty—they can significantly impair your cognitive abilities and make you more aggressive and impulsive. Research indicates that heat affects brain function, leading to poorer performance on cognitive tests and increased irritability.

"If you’re allocating all of the blood and all the glucose to parts of your brain that are focused on thermoregulation, it seems like it’s very plausible that you just wouldn’t have enough left for some of these kind of higher cognitive functions."

Dive into the full article on The New York Times to explore the detailed impacts of heat on cognition and behavior.