HOUSE BLEND: Matthew Cycle, Tokyo

HOUSE BLEND is a video-series presenting dedicated Bombtrack core-shops spread all over the planet. What feels better to a cyclist than to have a home, somewhere you feel comfortable with each time you’re crossing the threshold, where someone that can help to build the bike of your dreams resides, and where you can always find skilled mechanics that leave no doubt to their abilities and are always happy to help in moments when one at their wit’s end? All those shops we are presenting in this series are a focal point for a local scene, as they offer a quick coffee the moment your destination passes by, or they organize community ride outs with like-minded individuals on the weekends – or they do both, and even more. We have a strong sweet spot for all those shops that care, shops that put all their lifeblood into bicycles, as we have been there ourselves too, on both sides and we know the importance of having those staples in the community. Nowadays, as a brand, it feels extremely good to have each of them representing Bombtrack in their shops, and it’s really almost touching to have their continuous support and their reliable cooperation for such a long time. Each of these shops are not only the best contact source for riders’ questions in all matters, but by doing so they kind of have had ours backs and allowed us to focus more on development work that we are busy with day-in-day-out. Our bike lineups probably wouldn’t be as they currently are if we had been busy with answering technical questions all day, every day. This isn’t a gripe on our side, in fact, we are eternally grateful to these shops and that’s why we wanted to do this project.

So House Blend is a bit a thank you for all those shops that helped us so massively through the last years, and will probably continue to help us to ensure our brand’s existence for the following to come. If you are looking for one of our models: we can strongly recommend each and every store we present here with an episode, showcasing a special build based on one of our frames. Curious? Good chance one of them might even be near-by your home-area!






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