HED Vanquish Aero Disc is Their Fastest Wheel Ever

HED just released a new aero disc version of their Vanquish wheel, the Vanquish Aero Disc. The wheel is based on a spoked wheel design with carbon skins for aerodynamics. The new wheel is disc brake-compatible and uses a super wide 30mm external & 21mm internal width.   The Vanquish Aero Disc is optimized for 23 to 28mm tires. Here’s the part of the press release which really stood out:

The Vanquish disc is the fastest wheel we have ever created, with drag number that dipped below -300g.  

That’s right, the HED Vanquish Aero Disc wheel actually had negative drag in the wind tunnel. The wheel creates thrust.

The Vanquish Aero Disc comes with 12mm thru axles, there is a conversion available for quick release skewer, and has a claimed weight of 1,134 grams with an asking price of $2,695.

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