HED Cycling Eroica Carbon Gravel Bike Wheels

HED Cycling Eroica Carbon Gravel Bike Wheels

HED Cycling was one of the first brands to kick off the wider is better evolution of rim design. I’m a huge fan of my  HED Ardennes LT wheelset that I’m currently gravel grinding on.

The newest product from HED Cycling is their  Eroica gravel wheels. Weighing only 1340 grams for the pair, these wheels feature HED’s signature Dual-Axis Nipple Alignment, allowing for equal load distribution in any terrain.

For over 25 years, Steve Hed spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available. When it came to wheels, the end goal was simply to make them as fast as possible. It may sound easy, but the journey to building the world’s fastest wheels is complicated and ever-changing. In the pursuit of speed, Steve continually pushed the envelope to its fullest; no stone left unturned. Hed is known for building the world’s most aerodynamic wheels, a title that allwheel companies wish they could claim.

Eroica Carbon Gravel Bike Wheels Specs:

  • Wheel Weight: front 625 grams rear 729 grams
  • Wheel Size: 700C
  • Hub: front CL Flanged, 12x100mm, rear CL Flanged, 12x142mm
  • Spokes: Sapim Laser
  • Spoke Length: front 284mm, rear 280/284mm
  • Spoke Cross: 2x
  • MSRP: starting at $1,100