MADE Australia: A New Horizon in the Handmade Bike Show Scene

MADE Australia, debuting with Melburn Roobaix in 2024, unites global bike enthusiasts. Showcasing over 50 builders, it's a cycling revolution!

MADE Australia: A New Horizon in the Handmade Bike Show Scene

PORTLAND, Ore. - January 16th, 2024 - The world of handmade bicycles is set for a spectacular expansion with the announcement of MADE Australia, a new chapter in the history of the world's largest handmade bike show, MADE. Slated to debut in conjunction with the renowned Melburn Roobaix on June 28 and 29, 2024, at the Darebin International Sports Centre (DISC), this event marks a significant milestone in the global cycling community.

Bridging Continents through Cycling

Powered by the vision and collaboration of Andy White of FYXO and ECHOS Communications, MADE Australia aims to create a unique platform for builders, brands, media, and cycling enthusiasts. Building on the successful format introduced in Portland in August 2023, the show promises to be a dynamic mix of public access and exclusive media and industry opportunities. These include content creation, builder interviews, and networking sessions. The objective? To provide a global stage to the original MADE show set to take place again in Portland in August 2024.

A Partnership Rooted in Passion

The partnership between MADE and FYXO is more than just business. It's a shared passion for storytelling in the custom bike world, a vision eloquently articulated by Billy Sinkford, Co-Founder of MADE and Vice President of ECHOS Communications. Their mission is clear: to elevate, inspire, and shine a spotlight on the global handmade community. With Andy White's extensive experience and relationships in the industry, MADE Australia is poised to showcase the global reach and vibrancy of this community.

A Showcase Like No Other

The inaugural MADE Australia already boasts interest and commitments from eminent builders like Baum, Prova, The Lost Workshop, Trinity MTB, Velo Craft, Partington Wheels, among others. Set to open registration in February, the event coincides with the Melburn Roobaix, which attracts thousands of attendees. Exhibitors can anticipate a world-class venue and a global platform to showcase their unique creations. In a notable move, MADE Australia will relocate to Adelaide in 2025, aligning with the Tour Down Under.

A Global Megaphone for Custom Bikes

Andy White, a pivotal figure in the custom bike industry and the founder of FYXO, brings his global perspective and experience to the partnership. Having hosted the first Australian Custom Bicycle Show in 2012, he envisions MADE Australia as an opportunity for significant growth and exceptional experiences for exhibitors and attendees alike. His collaboration with Billy and the ECHOS team is a testament to a shared vision and long-standing friendship.

What to Look Forward to at MADE Australia

  • Dedicated Media and Industry Time
  • Consumer-focused activations and evening events
  • Over 50 Builders and supporting brands
  • World-Class Indoor Venue at DISC
  • Subsidized booth space for new builders
  • A Consumer “Show and Shine” bike pavilion
  • Extensive Global Media Coverage
  • Discounted bike shipping by Bikeflights for all framebuilders

Join the Revolution

For builders and brands looking to exhibit their work, applications are open via the MADE website. Ticket sales for this groundbreaking event will commence this Spring. MADE Australia is not just a show; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, community, and the love of cycling. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something truly extraordinary in the world of cycling.