Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 9, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 9, 2023 Picks

🚴 Swenson’s Sturdy Steed Keegan Swenson’s Santa Cruz Stigmata took on the gravel at the UCI Gravel World Championships. Get the nitty-gritty in this bike check from Velo.

📸 Gravel Grandeur Gallery Relive the rough and tumble of the Gravel World Championships 2023 through this gritty gallery on Cyclist.

🍔 America’s Food Fumble Explore the palate of problems in America’s food culture as dissected in this thought piece on Walking The World.

🎃 Gourd Glory McSweeney’s serves a hearty dose of humor to usher in the decorative gourd season. It’s fall, y’all!

👟 Marathon Marvel Kelvin Kiptum shatters records with a marathon time of just over two hours! Catch this lightning-fast feat on The Guardian.

🚲 Bike-to-Work Blues Jalopnik pedals through the reasons why people are hesitant to bike to work. A chain of challenges, indeed.

💸 E-Bike Economic Easement The Washington Post highlights a new e-bike rebate voucher program, easing the electric shift for many.

🔍 Investigative Intrigue The unfolding investigation around Nadine Menendez keeps NY on its toes. Dive into the details with The New York Times.

🚗 Singapore’s Car Conundrum Owning a car in Singapore now comes with a heftier price tag, as Reuters navigates through the skyrocketing certificate costs.

🔬 Electron Enigma Quanta Magazine sheds light on an invisible electron demon discovered in a peculiar superconductor. Electron entanglement at its finest!

🌀 Elite Aria’s Breezy Workout DCRainmaker reviews the Elite Aria Smart Fan Trainer – a cool companion for your indoor workouts. Catch the breezy breakdown here.