Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 5, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 5, 2023 Picks

🚴 Maryland’s Pedal Parade The Maryland Cycling Classic is back for its third lap on September 1, 2024. A spin you wouldn’t want to miss!

🥇 Thor’s Thrifty Thrill Discover how Thor Hushovd raced his way to victory in 100 junior races on a modest $20 bike. It’s an origin story that pedals past all odds.

🎙️ Gravelly Gatherings with Ian Boswell Venture into gravel adventures with Ian Boswell in this gritty Bikerumor podcast. A rocky ride of a listen.

Interval Insight Dive into the dynamics of decreasing intervals on Wattkg, and how they crank up your cycling game. It’s a timer’s tune-up for every cyclist.

🚲 Blueprint for Biking Bliss Uncover the blueprint of building a bike-friendly city on Smart Cities Dive. Paving the way to pedal-friendly pavements.

💼 Mone Bikes’ Wheel Deal Get a grip on the exquisite cycle collection at Mone Bikes. Where every ride is a rolling masterpiece.

📺 TV Time Capsules Take a trip down the 21st-century TV memory lane with Hollywood Reporter’s compilation of the best TV shows. A screen scene not to be missed!

🌡️ Heatwave Havoc This September’s heat records have scientists dropping their jaws. The Guardian’s piece on the planet’s record September heat is a hot topic!

💉 Vaccine Valor In a world facing grim realities, vaccines emerge as a shimmer of hope. The Economist honors these beautiful gifts in a heartfelt tribute.

🚌 Comic Commute in Colorado Colorado Politics sketches the comedic reality of Colorado’s public transit scenario. Hop on to this hilarious ride of public transit plight.