Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 3, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 3, 2023 Picks
  1. 🚴‍♂️ Sepp Kuss’ Homecoming Celebration
    The cycling hero returns! Join the celebration and witness the grandeur. Check it out!
  2. 🧥 Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Jacket
    A full 50% off one of the best down jackets around. Stretch your outdoor adventures (not your budget) with this must-have. See it at REI
  3. 🌕 NASA’s 3D Printing Lunar Homes
    Aiming for the moon? How about living there? NY Times reports
  4. 📚 “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon” by Michael Lewis
    Delve deep into the limitless ambitions of tycoons. Available here
  5. 📚 “Blood in the Machine: The Origins of the Rebellion Against Big Tech” by Brian Merchant
    A tale of tech and tumult. Find it on Bookshop
  6. 🚨 FEMA’s Nationwide Alert Test
    Not another spam message, it’s just a test. Set for Oct 4, 2023. Details here
  7. 🚴‍♂️ Keegan Swenson’s UCI Gravel World Championships Feature
    Gravel grinding to glory! Swenson’s quest dissected. Read on Outside
  8. 🎒 DSPTCH x Engineered Garments Collaboration
    Where engineering meets style. Explore the collection
  9. 🛠️ Shovel Research
    Would you look at all that gold! Discover more
  10. 🌉 Cody Dock Rolling Bridge by Thomas Randall-Page
    Engineering artistry that’s bound to bridge your interests. See the marvel
  11. Apple Watch Cycling Guide
    An apple a day keeps the cyclist on their way! Read the guide on Outside