Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 27, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 27, 2023 Picks

🚵‍♂️ “Back to Basics: Chris Akrigg’s Wild Ride in ‘Remnants'” – In the film ‘Remnants’, mountain biker Chris Akrigg takes on challenging terrains with his trusty T-140 29 trail bike, turning remnants of buildings and nature into thrilling technical lines. – Watch Above

🔬 “Life’s Got Numbers: More Cells Than Stars or Sand!” – According to new research, the number of cells in living things is a trillion times more than estimated sand grains on Earth and a million times larger than all stars in the universe. So next time you’re feeling insignificant, remember there are more cells in your body than stars twinkling above! – Read More

Tom Scott goes from 0-100km/h in just 1.398 seconds

🏎️ “Fast and Fearful: Tom Scott’s Wild Ride!” – In a thrilling video, Tom Scott goes from 0-100km/h in just 1.398 seconds, experiencing genuine fear and the effects of special relativity while giving viewers an adrenaline rush with his expressive reactions! – Watch Above

👃 “Smelly Science: Death Stench with a Twist!” – While the smell of death is universally repugnant, it turns out that some of the chemicals responsible for this stink (like cadaverine, putrescine and spermidine) are not only found in decomposing tissues but also in fish, fermented food and even our own living bodies where they play critical roles; heck, spermidine might even help slow aging and improve cognitive function! – Read More

🔭 “Quantum Leap for LIGO!” – Thanks to a technique called frequency-dependent squeezing, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) has managed to surpass the quantum limit and boost its sensitivity by 60%, allowing it to detect more dead star mergers than ever before. It’s like science fiction come true, folks! – Read More

🍬 “Sweet Solutions for Leftover Halloween Candy!” – If you’re drowning in a sea of leftover Halloween candy, don’t fret! You can stir them into your ice cream, blend them with your milkshake, add to trail mix or bake into cookies; basically turn every meal into a sweet treat because life is short and so are fun-sized Snickers. – Read More

📉 “Millennials: The Brokest Generation?” – Despite being more educated and tech-savvy, millennials are facing a tougher economic landscape than their parents did, with lower incomes, higher debts and less assets due to factors like the Great Recession and now the coronavirus crisis. – Read More

🎵 “The Art of Asking Questions: A Music Critic’s Favorite Problems” – Ted Gioia, a music critic and scholar, shares his 12 favorite problems that guide his work and life, ranging from how music can change lives to dealing with flawed artists creating great art, maintaining creativity amidst obstacles, avoiding cultural stagnation due to remakes and reboots by corporations controlling the creative economy, finding balance between being a specialist or generalist in knowledge acquisition, preserving local styles in an increasingly globalized culture and operating as a critic without absorbing negative energy. – Read More

🛏️ “Budget-Friendly BedStory Cooling Pillows: A Dream Come True!” – If you’re not ready to shell out $72 for a single Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft Pillow, check out the BedStory cooling pillows; they’re stuffed with shredded memory foam infused with cooling gel and you can snag two of them for less than the price of one Coop pillow. – Buy Now (20% Off)

🌍 “Bitcoin Mining: A Carbon Emission Nightmare?” – The environmental cost of Bitcoin mining is alarmingly high, with a study revealing that a $1 increase in daily Bitcoin price leads to an additional $3.11–$6.79 worth of daily damages from carbon emissions alone at the Scrubgrass power plant in Pennsylvania; so next time you’re feeling all tech-savvy investing in crypto, remember you might just be helping heat up the planet too! – Read More