Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 23, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 23, 2023 Picks
  1. Dive into a whimsical blend of golf and pool with Subpar Pool, where every shot leads to unpredictable, playful mayhem 🎱⛳. Tackle procedurally generated levels, strategize your way through a maze of balls, and get swept away by the mini-golf funk soundtrack—this game is anything but subpar! So, why just pocket some balls when you can orchestrate a whole playful pocket adventure?
  2. On October 23, 2023, an Alaska Airlines flight bound for San Francisco took an unexpected detour to Portland, Oregon, following a bizarre in-flight incident. An off-duty pilot named Joseph D. Emerson, seated in the jump seat, apparently tried to make the flight more of a thriller by attempting to shut down the jet’s engines mid-air. Luckily, quick action from the crew diverted disaster and brought everyone safely to the ground, albeit not as per the original travel itinerary. This shocking episode left Emerson facing a whopping 167 charges and passengers with a tale that beats any in-flight movie plot, hands down. To read the full account of this high-flying drama, click here🛫👨‍
  3. Step into a time capsule with a recent study that unveils a ‘lost world’ of ancient life dating back 800 million to at least 1.6 billion years ago. By analyzing billion-year-old sediments, scientists stumbled upon fossilized molecules, shedding light on early eukaryotes that once thrived in the oceans and eventually paved the way for modern life forms. This discovery bridges an 800-million-year gap in the fossil record, unraveling a hidden chapter of evolutionary history. For a deeper dive into this ancient enigma, check out the full story 🌏
  4. Leap into a whimsical journey with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a game that has redefined the platform genre on Nintendo Switch by introducing the enthralling Flower Kingdom, alongside novel power-ups like the Elephant Fruit​1. This game is likened to a new “Oppenheimer,” showcasing a clever play on structure and a dive into the boundless realms of human imagination, surely a hallmark of intellectual and format-breaking work​. But that’s not all—today’s gaming and film worlds collide as Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon also steps into the limelight, adding a touch of cinematic charm to our beloved Mario’s adventures​. This fusion embodies a Barbenheimer of personal resonance, where pixelated jumps meet the gritty reels of reality. Witness how the modern era blurs the lines between gaming pixels and movie frames in this thought-provoking piece 🎮🎥
  5. Etsy has turned into another wasteland of drop shipped Made in China junk. I recently found out about Artisans Cooperative and my fingers are crossed that they can keep it great.
  6. Spread your wings and soar into the avian world with the Bird Migration Explorer by Audubon. This interactive platform unfolds the heroic annual voyages of over 450 bird species, showcasing their migration journeys across the globe. With a plethora of data from 187 species, tracking 9692 individual birds, it’s a treasure trove for ornithophiles. Delve into the life of migratory birds, explore different species, and understand the conservation challenges they face. It’s a birdwatcher’s digital paradise, fusing education with fascination 🦜
  7. Gear up for a spirited discussion on 1x gearing systems for road bikes, which are hailed by some as the sleek future of cycling. While traditionally more common on gravel bikes, the 1x groupset is slowly making its way onto the tarmac, promising a light, stiff, and fast ride with a beautifully de-cluttered appearance​. The adoption of 1x groupsets in prestigious races like the UCI Road World Championships is testament to its rising popularity among the peloton​. As this gear configuration gains traction, cyclists and experts alike ponder over its potential to become a new standard for road bikes​. Ride along this in-depth exploration of 1x gearing on road bikes, as it delves into the mechanics, benefits, and the evolving cycling landscape 🚴‍♂️🛠️