Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 19, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 19, 2023 Picks

🍲 Vargo BOT XL – $109.95: Upscale your outdoor cookouts with the BOT XL, designed to nest 8oz isobutane fuel canisters and more. Get it here

🛁 Umbra Flex Adhesive Bin – $15: A sleek shower caddy to keep your essentials within arm’s reach. Buy now

🎃 Denver Halloween 2023: Experience the eerie and exciting side of Denver with these 15 Halloween activities. Explore

🚴 La Vuelta de Citlaltépetl: “La Vuelta de Citlaltépetl is a bikepacking route that encircles Mexico’s highest peak.” Ride along

🧠 Generative AI’s Physical Power: “The power of generative models is that they learn to mimic the variability and complexity of the real world,” unlock the physical process that empowers a new wave of generative AI. Learn more

🚲 NYC E-Bike Crisis: The narrative against e-bikes is fueled by flimsy data. Dive into the discourse here.

👕 Rapha’s Reversible Crit Jersey: Unleashing a stylish reversible jersey for the dynamic cyclist. Check it out.

🪐 Quantum Quest: “What is really quantum about quantum?” Explore it here.

📖 Beyond the Myth of Rural America: A delve into the intricate life tapestry of Rural America. Read the Review | Buy the Book

Sara Gregg has pointed out, in the twentieth century. The final homesteader got his land in 1988.


One irony is that — after Indigenous towns — it’s the havens of the East Coast ‘elite, such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, which have the deepest roots. Most bastions of “real America” are, by contrast, relatively new. Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin served as mayor, really is a small town in a farming area. But most of its farms were created by a New Deal campaign to relocate struggling farmers from the Upper Midwest. (Hence Palin’s “you betcha” accent, similar to the Minnesota ones in the film “Fargo.”) Palin’s proud patch of “real America,” in other words, was courtesy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

🎮 Halloween Gaming Galore: Up the spookiness with these Halloween video games. Find them here. If you haven’t played it Dredge would be my first pick.

🧱 Some of my favorite LEGO are on Sale:

  • Star Wars Advent Calendar – $40.49 Buy
  • Great Pyramid of Giza – $101.99 Buy
  • Cozy House Toy Set – $47.99 Buy
  • Medieval Castle – $85.99 Buy

Anyone else really fucking tired of this type of pedestrian/cyclist didn’t do enough to not get murdered propaganda?