Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 11, 2023 Picks

Handlebars & Headlines: Oct 11, 2023 Picks

🍽️ Fueling the Pedal Power Busy cyclists, fret not! From carb-loading to protein-packing, these 6 meal planning tips are your roadmap to staying energized on and off the saddle. It’s time to eat smart and cycle hard!

🚨 The Great Escape…Almost! In a shocking turn of events, Kaitlin Armstrong, accused of murdering professional cyclist Moriah Wilson, attempted a daring escape from custody. As the court date looms, this dramatic twist adds a new spin to a tale of jealousy and rage in the cycling community.

🌌 Space Fashion Meets Earth’s Passion When Prada collaborates with Axiom Space, the result is a space suit with a high-fashion twist. It’s not cycling gear, but it’s too stellar not to share! Who knows, maybe the peloton will reach the stars someday.

🎥 Reel Inspiration This Instagram reel is a pedal-stroke of genius! It’s a reminder of the beauty and simplicity that cycling brings into our lives, amidst the chaos of the everyday grind.

🌎 Climate’s Toll on the Toll The extreme weather damages due to climate crisis are no longer a forecast, they’re a reality. This study unveils the escalating cost of climate change. It’s a global race against time, much like our pedal races, but with stakes way higher.

🔬 Health and Heartland The life expectancy dip in the South and Midwest is a serious concern. This interactive analysis by The Washington Post delves into how politics may be playing a part. A healthier heartland is a pedal away, let’s make it happen!

🚸 Access for All The Interagency Access Pass is a golden ticket to exploring America’s natural beauty. And what better way to do it than on two wheels? Pedal through the national parks and let every ride be an ode to accessibility.

🎭 Seinfeld’s Sudden Spin Jerry Seinfeld teases a possible revival. While it’s not about bikes, it’s about nothing, and sometimes a ride is just that – a journey to nowhere and everywhere.

🚁 Airborne Ambitions The flight test of air taxis by the United States Air Force opens new horizons. Although it’s up in the air, we’ll keep our wheels grounded and our spirits soaring!

🛣️ Cloverleaf Chronicles Denver’s Colfax-Federal cloverleaf is getting a makeover! It’s about time urban planning took a leaf out of the cyclist’s book for a greener, more accessible cityscape.