Gravel to the Grave! Here, There, Everywhere ep.2

It was 2019 when I watched an EF Gone Racing episode about the GBduro, where road cyclist and certified cool guy, Lachlan Morton set a record for the 2,000km stage race from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The 30min video allowed a glimpse of an extraordinary physical feat, but more importantly proved that the endurance muscle is in the mind. You see Morton hit what he described as rock bottom, yet he kept riding. I found myself both frightened and mesmerized as I watched him ride through the night, chasing an end that never seemed to be any closer. I admire cyclists like Lachlan, whose strength and skills transfer, allowing them to perform across disciplines; a true athlete!

Off and on over the next two years, I thought about that ride. I read stories and watched videos of FKT’s, rides that lasted over 24hours and solo missions across entire countries.

What was it like? To ride through the night, and through unknown territory? To ride past the limit of anything you had ever done before. I couldn’t imagine myself capable of any of it. But then, why not? Will I ever find out the length and breadth of my capabilities if I don’t force myself to take on a challenge like this?

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