Glenn Utteridge's Brave Fight Against Advanced Cancer: A Call for Support

Glenn Utteridge's Brave Fight Against Advanced Cancer: A Call for Support

I'm often amazed at the community Zwift has been able to foster, stories of personal challenges and triumphs often emerge, but this week during a race I heard about Glenn Utteridge, a 44-year-old father and avid cyclist. Glenn's life took a drastic turn early in 2023, leading to a series of harrowing events and the discovery of an advanced, aggressive form of cancer.

Glenn's ordeal began with a severe cycling accident caused by a bus, resulting in multiple fractures and unconsciousness. While recovering, doctors discovered stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver. Despite undergoing major surgeries, including an emergency operation for a bowel blockage and a jaw reconstruction due to a fall, Glenn's resilience remained unwavering. Supported by his wife and two children, he continued to focus on recovery and treatment.

However, the road ahead is daunting. Glenn's liver tumors are currently inoperable, and he faces a rare BRAF mutation making standard treatments less effective. Determined to see his children grow and spend more time with his wife, Glenn has set his sights on cutting-edge treatments not available in the UK, including adoptive cell immunotherapy in Japan. This personalized approach could significantly improve his chances, but it comes with a steep cost – approximately £20k to £30k per treatment round.

To fund these lifesaving treatments, Glenn has initiated a fundraising campaign. He emphasizes that any unused funds will be donated to Cancer Research UK, ensuring that his battle contributes to wider cancer research efforts.

Glenn's story is not just about his fight against cancer; it's about the indomitable spirit of a man who refuses to give up in the face of overwhelming odds. He's become #glennthecancerwarrior, a symbol of hope and determination. By supporting Glenn, you're not only helping a father and husband in his time of need but also contributing to the broader fight against cancer.

For those who wish to contribute, every donation brings Glenn closer to accessing these groundbreaking treatments and, hopefully, more precious time with his loved ones. Let's rally around Glenn and show that in the face of adversity, hope and community support can make a real difference.

You can donate to Glen over at GoFundMe and be sure to shout out support next time you're in Watopia.