Giro Launches a Safer New Aether Helmet with MIPS

Giro Launches a Safer New Aether Helmet with MIPS

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is quickly becoming the de facto standard in helmet safety. When the IIHS recently tested helmets for safety, MIPS helmets were the only ones to receive five star ratings. The system essentially separate the helmet into to independent layers, the layer connected to your head and the outer layer which impacts the road in a crash. By separating the layers the outer layer is able to move freely thus protecting the wearers head from the complex directional physics that cause brain injury.

Earlier today, Giro unveiled its newest cycling helmet, the Aether MIPS. The helmet debuts a new version of MIPS called Spherical. The new technology integrates rotational protection directly into the helmet via a dual-shell construction. The system is a big change from the shiny, liner-like form that MIPS took in its initial release.

“We invented a new integration of MIPS that allows us to improve rotational energy management while truly optimizing comfort and ventilation”

– Scott Junker, Giro’s Helmet Product Manager

The Aether MIPS isn’t just about safety though.   The helmet weighs just 250 grams and did very well in aerodynamics tests against other helmets.

The Aether MIPS will be available on August 1st for $325, you’ll definitely get to see a lot of it during the Tour de France on the heads of BMC riders.