Ghost Bikes - A Profile of the Man Who Creates Memorial Bikes Found Around New York City

Filmmaker  Ethan Brooks  short profile titled “Ghost Bikes“, is a very touching look into the life of  Mirza Molberg, a member of  Ghost Bike Project. Molberg not only takes time to create many of the white bicycles found around New York City that memorialize cyclists that have lost their lives, but places the bicycles at the scene of the accident and notes something special about the person who was riding the bike.  Molberg’s girlfriend  Lauren Davis, was tragically  struck and killed by a car on in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

There are over 150 white-painted bicycles chained up throughout New York City. Each bike represents a cyclist killed in traffic – each is placed at the scene of the crash. Mirza puts up the bikes. He remembers these fallen cyclists when everyone else seems to have forgotten them.