Gamux Announces a New Range of 3D-Printed Components

Gamux Announces a New Range of 3D-Printed Components


After more than a year of research and development, the moment has finally come. We are proud to introduce our first 3D printed products. Those who have heard of Gamux probably know us because of our activities in the UCI DHI World Cup. In addition to racing, we have always felt the need to put our experience and knowledge into our own products. We used our race team and the extreme conditions of the Downhill World Cup for the development and testing of our products. Out of this process results in a first, small selection of parts, all of which are made using additive manufacturing.

All Gamux products can be found in our online-store and the preorder is now open. Deliveries will take place from November 15th.

We are looking to extend their product line soon. A bunch of components are in advanced testing and have already been raced during the 2019 season.

Garmin Top Cap

Top cap with integrated garmin-holder. Manufactured with additive manufacturing technology, it’s not only light & strong but also holds your device in an ergonomic position that is easy to view. Ideal for cross county to enduro riding, for single crown mtb forks with conventional stem configuration

Garmin Top Cap DH

Top cap with integrated Garmin-holder. Like its brother, the Gamux Garmin top cap DH, it is manufactured with additive manufacturing technology. This DH Edition is angled at 15 degrees so that your device fits neatly behind your direct mount stem. Ideal for double crown forks with direct mount stems

Steerer Tube Spacer Light

The Gamux Steerer Tube Spacer Light is the ultimate lightweight spacer. With only 1.75g (10mm), it’s probably the lightest spacer in the world, even lighter than its carbon counterparts. With unique looks, they make your bike an eye catcher

Steerer Tube Spacer

The Gamux Steerer Tube Spacer combines durability and lightness in a perfect symbiosis. Available in almost every possible size, they enable a super clean looking cockpit setup. The Spacer is an eye catcher and gives something unique to your bike.

Spring Spacer

The Gamux Spring Spacer does not only hold your spring in place. The rumours tell that it even reduces vibrations and quiets down that annoying rattling noise. It lets your suspension work quieter and free from added drag. Furthermore, it does just look gorgeous.

Custom Products

If you wish to have something special and unique, you are now able to join our Gamux Custom Product program. From putting your name on an existing product, up to developing your own special part, we can offer everything to you. Our design and engineering team will advise you on the possibilities. We also offer a “white label service” for B2B customers.

More information about our products and Gamux can be found at: