G-Shock's GWS5600U-1 Arrives in the U.S. Featuring Carbon Fiber Band and Titanium Parts

Explore the new G-Shock GWS5600U-1, now available in the U.S. This lightweight watch features a carbon fiber band, titanium parts, and advanced tech for $250.

G-Shock's GWS5600U-1 Arrives in the U.S. Featuring Carbon Fiber Band and Titanium Parts

G-Shock U.S. has released the GWS5600U-1, a lightweight watch featuring a carbon fiber band and titanium parts, for $250. Previously a Japan-exclusive, this unexpected U.S. release delights G-Shock fans. The GWS5600U-1, an update from the 2010 model, offers improvements like an LED backlight, adjustable light duration, and date format. With its racing-inspired design, Tough Solar power, and Multi-Band 6 auto time adjustment, this watch is both stylish and functional.

The GWS5600U-1 weighs only 47 grams, thanks to its titanium components, making it lighter than the GW-M5610U-1. The carbon fiber insert band and slightly translucent dark bezel enhance its unique look. Despite being surpassed in weight by the GD-B500, it remains a standout for its design and features. Available at Casio.com and Hodinkee for $250, the GWS5600U-1 offers international shipping through the Hodinkee Shop.


  • Model: G-Shock GWS5600U-1
  • Price: $250
  • Material: Carbon fiber insert band, titanium parts
  • Weight: 47 grams
  • Features:
    • Tough Solar power
    • Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment
    • LED backlight
    • Adjustable light duration
    • Adjustable date format
  • Availability: Casio.com and Hodinkee Shop
  • Shipping: International shipping available through Hodinkee Shop
This model is made shock-resistant by its materials. Jointly developed with Mizuno Technics Co., Ltd., this model features a strong band made hard to cut by inserting carbon fiber with excellent tensile durability into resin. With attention to even the smallest details, carbon fiber is inserted around the spring bar of the case connecting lug, around the buckle, and into the free loop, etc. Titanium is used for the metal parts like the back cover, side buttons, and buckle, etc. The back cover is forged to make it shock-resistant and durable. The design leverages the texture of the carbon fiber to create a stylish finish.