Fuel Your Cycling Adventures with Breville’s Barista Express at the Cheapest Its Been Since 2020

For cycling enthusiasts, crafting exceptional espresso at home can be an essential component of pre-ride rituals and post-ride relaxation. To achieve the perfect cup, precision and dedication are required. This involves using a scale to measure shots accurately, a burr grinder for freshly ground beans, and a top-tier espresso machine to combine all elements seamlessly. Alternatively, you can invest in an all-in-one espresso maker, such as Breville’s Barista Express. Today, you have the opportunity to acquire this outstanding machine at a 30% discount on Amazon, reducing the price to a competitive $524—a remarkable value, considering it ranks as the finest espresso maker based on our rigorous testing.

The Barista Express is the ultimate companion for avid cyclists, as it delivers café-quality espresso to fuel your rides and reward your achievements. Among Breville’s range of espresso machines, the Barista Express stands out as our top choice. It boasts the high-performance features of its more expensive counterparts, yet it remains one of the few all-in-one machines priced under $1,000. Equipped with an integrated grinder and dose control, this versatile appliance can operate in both automatic and manual modes, offering user customization alongside swift and user-friendly functionality (as the name “express” suggests).

While the Barista Express represents an affordable option in the high-end espresso machine market, the $524 sale price may still appear as a significant investment in a single kitchen appliance. To ascertain when your purchase will yield returns, our home editor has devised a formula to calculate the time it takes for the machine to pay for itself. However, act swiftly—this enticing deal won’t linger for long, and neither should you before your next cycling adventure.

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