Four Great Women’s Day Essays from SRAM

Four Great Women’s Day Essays from SRAM

SRAM invited four of its riders to share their own experiences to support International Women’s Day. I highly recommend reading their essays, each providing a perspective of the challenges they have faced as women and as athletes.


Ayesha McGowan

“In recent years, there has been a movement to show the bike community that women are just as capable, athletic, and interested in bikes as men. Unfortunately, this movement has been lacking in and struggling with intersectionality.” Read Ayesha’s story here.


Renee Hutchens

Indigenous women are leading change towards reconnecting to a reality that our communities once knew – where land stewardship lived unhindered. Renee Hutchens challenges us to consider what it means to have a connection with the land that is based on reciprocity. Read Renee’s story here.

Racing the Entire Field

Lael Wilcox

In 2016, Lael Wilcox won the 4,300 mile Trans Am Bike Race. Now she’s inviting women, in competition or not, to redefine limits and categories. Read Lael’s story here.

Moving Forward

Isabeau Courduier

After her own experience with healing through the power of sport, EWS Champion Isabeau Courdurier set out to create safe space for domestic violence survivors through the Fifty Fifty project in her home country. Read Isabeau’s story here.