Forgotten Roads | Ep. 2 – Idyllwild

This video is good. Very good. But the music selection is 🔥

Alex and I head east of L.A. to explore more of California, this time at elevation in Idyllwild. The route we picked is situated in-between some of the highest mountains in California, and the views we had all along the ride were amazing. We came to see as much as we could in a day while seeing as few people as possible and got just what we wished for. We kept the wheels spinning until sundown taking it all in. What a place!

*** Forgotten Roads is a 3 part series by Safa Brian and Alex Colorito. Each episode sees the two documenting a different gravel route in California. These are self supported and self filmed rides that hope to inspire you to get out and explore the world by bike.

The series is made possible thanks to Hammerhead ( and SCOTT Bikes ( ***

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