Explorest Helps You Find the Favorite Photo Spots of Other Photographers

Sometimes the hardest part of photography is finding places to shoot. The new iOS app Explorest promises to help by curating locations from photographers local to an area.

When you’re stuck for inspiration you can check the Explorest app and take a look at the hidden gems around you that other photographers have shared. Once you’ve chosen where you want to shoot, Explorest will give you the exact GPS coordinates of the location.

Until July 31st, all photo locations are free to view. After that, in-app subscriptions will unlock more in-depth descriptions, allowing you to read insights from photographers and information about how exactly they achieved their shots. A subscription will cost $5 per month, or $30 per year.

The app shares 50% of the revenue gained from subscriptions with contributing photographers. For now it’s only available in Singapore, but they plan to expand to other locations soon. The app is free to download from the app store.