Esker Cycles Unveils Hayduke LVS: A Harmonic Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Esker Cycles Unveils Hayduke LVS: A Harmonic Blend of Classic and Contemporary

Esker Cycles, known for their innovative approach to bike design, has once again hit the trails with a refreshing take on mountain biking adventure. Their latest marvel, the Hayduke LVS, is an ode to the modern rider’s desire for a nimble, versatile, and reliable companion on the wild trails. It’s where vintage aesthetics meets today’s trail-crushing technology.

Riding on a Timeless Design

The Hayduke LVS draws its charisma from a classic design, resonating with the spirit of age-old mountain biking adventure. Its steel frame, exuding a timeless appeal, is not just about aesthetics. The material choice brings with it a level of resilience and comfort that hardcore trail enthusiasts would swear by. The beauty of steel is its ability to absorb trail chatter, providing a smoother ride as you navigate through rugged terrains.

Modern-day Versatility

Esker Cycles has ingeniously melded modern-day biking needs with a classical design. The Hayduke LVS comes with updated geometry, catering to contemporary trail riding standards. It’s designed to be an agile beast on the trails, yet stable and comfortable for long rides into the wilderness. The ability to switch between 29” and 27.5”+ wheel sizes adds a layer of versatility, allowing riders to tailor their ride according to the demands of their adventure.

Companion for the Trail Less Traveled

With features such as a fully replaceable dropout system and ample mounting points, the Hayduke LVS stands as a reliable companion for those inclined towards bikepacking and long expedition rides. The replaceable dropout system ensures that riders can easily adapt to different drivetrain setups, making it a bike that grows with your evolving trail ambitions.

Evoking the Spirit of Adventure

The Hayduke LVS isn’t just a bike; it’s a call to embrace the wilderness, to explore the unexplored, and to do so with a ride that resonates with the soul of mountain biking. The blend of classic aesthetics with modern-day functionality is poised to provide a riding experience that evokes the spirit of adventure.


The launch of Hayduke LVS showcases Esker Cycles’ commitment to evolving while respecting the roots of mountain biking culture. It’s a bike that doesn’t just take you on trails; it takes you on a journey back in time while keeping your ride firmly planted in the present-day trail riding advancements. The Hayduke LVS is more than just a bike; it’s an invitation to rediscover the essence of mountain biking.