Epic Ride Weather Gives You Weather and Wind Forecasts Along Your Route

Epic Ride Weather Gives You Weather and Wind Forecasts Along Your Route

One of the trickiest variables when heading out on a ride is weather. How many bottles do you need? Should you pack a jacket? Will you enjoy a tailwind on the way home?

Local forecasts don’t solve that variable. Weather in Denver might be drastically different than weather in the foothills an hour later. Epic Ride Weather delivers a full solution with:

  • Forecasts are specific to your ride, for your route at your pace
  • The most accurate forecasts available with hyperlocal big-data forecasting from the Dark Sky API

Epic Ride Weather takes into account your expected location and timing based on GPS data that you provide, combining multiple forecasts to give you a projection of weather over time and space. The app is available for iOS and Android.

How It Works

Using a route from Strava, Ride With GPS, Komoot, MapMyRide, Trailforks, Runkeeper, TCX or GPX file, Epic Ride Weather provides forecasts for temperature (actual and feels-like), precipitation (probability and intensity), wind speed and direction for the duration of your ride.


Epic Ride Weather has become one of my favorite pre-ride/race apps. The nominal fee and high accuracy of the weather and wind data keeps me prepared for the elements and makes planning efforts around tailwinds/headwinds a breeze. The app is extremely easy to use and the information it provides is accurate and useful. This is a real hidden gem.