ENVE’s All Terrain Bicycle Challenge

This sounds like an awesome opportunity. Get a custom bike, go on a sweet ride and introduce ATB to the masses. See more at All Terrain Bicycle Challenge!

This is an open casting call. We’re looking for five challengers to participate in an ATB-themed reality TV Game show. If selected we’ll build you the Ultimate ATB—based on your specs; choose wisely!— and fly you to a secret, rugged and remote location somewhere in North America where you and four other challengers will be given the opportunity to survive the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route ever imagined. If you successfully complete the route in less than 18 hours you will win your Ultimate ATB and fly home a legend. If you care deeply about adventure and love cyclo-overlanding, then we want you!

In the beginning, God made 10-speeds and BMX bikes and that was plenty. But then the 1980’s came and we discovered “lifestyle sports.” Modern adventure was born and a new kind of bike was needed and so a new kind of bike was marketed to your dad. Designed for the full spectrum of Earth’s awe-inspiring topography, these new bikes were strong, rugged and knobby. But capitalist big bike greed created a schism and thus two opposing groups formed; MTB vs. ATB. Mountain bikers chased speed, comfort and lift access in the form of consumer driven technological imperatives. While All Terrain bikers focused on adventure, problem solving and life affirming experiences. Alas, Mountain Bikers and their insatiable thirst for full-face helmets won, and the art of All Terrain Bicycling was lost forever. Or was it?

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