Emily Batty Releases the Teaser for Season 2 of Ambitions

Emily Batty has twice finished third in the World Cup overall, won bronze at the World Championships twice, won both the Pan American Championships and the Canadian National Championships, and finished fourth at the 2016 Olympics. Being a woman and kicking ass really brings out the keyboard warriors, though, Emily shares some of the hateful comments she’s received over the years:

She has looked too lean, for a couple years now. Eat yer food girl.

The fire in the belly is gone. More worried about IG modelling like posts.

She might feel like after 12 years of racing it’s time to pop out some babies.

From one Barbie with rainbow stripes… to another Barbie without them.

Her response?

Dear haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at. Just be patient.


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