Elite Launches the Rizer

Elite Launches the Rizer

A gradient simulator trainer accessory with steering capabilities.

FONTANIVA, ITALY — Elite is proud to release the latest addition to their indoor cycling ecosystem: the RIZER. Elite’s gradient simulator with steering is designed to give cyclists the most immersive riding experience as they work every muscle on their trainer and blast the world’s steepest climbs.


  • Inclines +20%
  • Declines -10%
  • Integrated steering


The Elite grade simulator will get you out of your seat with immersive grade changes as if you really were riding outdoors by simply connecting with nearby home trainers. Featuring sturdy hardware design, the Rizer will provide with true-to-ride inclines up to 20% and declines as low as -10%. For more focused and realistic rides, the Elite gradient simulator features the innovative steering system which is designed to improve the handlebars’ feel when you’re going uphill, and help you work every muscle as you would if you were riding outdoors.


The Elite grade simulator can make you feel all the power of your favorite summits and help you attack the effort for the next climb when you’re riding your bike indoors. But there’s more to that.

The Rizer features patented hardware technology with steering functionality so you can easily move your handlebars left and right when you’re smashing those climbs. This will improve handlebar feel and comfort, but also it helps you to use the same muscle groups on legs and shoulders that you’d be using if you were riding your bike outdoors, uphill. Testers were also impressed with the chance they had to test new bike positions and prepare for their next climbs outdoors.


  • Compatible Elite trainers:
    • Direto XR, Direto XR-T, Suito, Suito-T, Tuo.
  • Included adapters:
    • QR, 12x100mm, 15x100mm, 15x110mm
  • Control App: “Rizer” (available on Apple Store and Google Play)
  • Available in the United States: Fall 2021.
  • US MSRP: $1099.99