eeBrakes – El Fuego Edition

Cane Creek’s eeBrakes are premium. Cane Creek’s eeBrakes in a Platinum and Burnt Orange “El Fuego” edition are ultra-premium to be sure. REMARKABLY POWERFUL, POWERFULLY LIGHT. And now remarkably good looking too.

Experience the same best-in-class stopping power and ultra-light weight youâ ‚¬ „¢ve come to expect from eeBrakes, in our hottest edition yet.  eeBrakes El Fuego are on fire with an eye catching Platinum and Burnt Orange color scheme that you canâ ‚¬ „¢t miss â ‚¬“ unless you wait too long. These brakes are only available for preorder until June 15th so order now!

Available in regular mount sets, and direct mount fork/seatstay sets only. Expected ship date is early July 2020. Expect to unload $680 for a pair.

Head to Cane Creek to see more.

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