Dynaplug Micro Racer: Precision and Portability for Tubeless Tires

Discover the Dynaplug Micro Racer, a 15-gram tubeless tire repair tool with Twin Tube™ technology, designed for lightweight and efficient puncture repair.

Dynaplug Micro Racer: Precision and Portability for Tubeless Tires

For cyclists seeking a compact and efficient tubeless tire repair solution, the Dynaplug Micro Racer stands out as the lightest and fastest option available. Weighing in at a mere 15 grams, this precision-machined tool is nearly half the size of the Racer Pro, making it an ideal choice for riders focused on minimizing weight and maximizing space.

The Micro Racer, crafted from polished billet 6061 aluminum, incorporates Dynaplug's Twin Tube™ technology. This innovative design features a dual-sided insertion tube that keeps two plugs ready for immediate use, ensuring quick and effective puncture repairs when sealant alone isn’t enough. Additionally, the snap-on cap protects the tool from dirt and damage, enhancing its durability.


  • Origin: Made in the USA
  • Technology: Twin Tube™
  • Construction: Polished Billet 6061 Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2.86 x 0.49 inches (72.64 x 12.44 mm)
  • Weight: 0.52 ounces (15 grams)
  • MSRP: $49.99

Learn more about the Dynaplug Micro Racer on the Dynaplug website.

Dynaplug® Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Tools and Accessories
Founded in 1991, Dynaplug® was designed as an easy-to-use solution for tubeless tire repair. Dynaplug tire plugs will make fast, permanent repairs on 98% of all tubeless punctures. Dynaplug products don’t require any reaming, chemicals, adhesive or waiting time.