Explore The Iron Rig: New Dredge Expansion and Collector’s Edition

Dredge’s The Iron Rig expansion launches August 15th for Switch, PC, and consoles. Discover new content, craft advanced gear, and grab the collector’s edition!

Explore The Iron Rig: New Dredge Expansion and Collector’s Edition

Dredge Expansion and Collector’s Edition Announced!

Exciting news for Dredge fans! Black Salt Games and Team17 have announced The Iron Rig expansion, launching on August 15th for Switch, PC, and other consoles. Alongside this expansion, a new physical collector’s edition has also been revealed. Here’s everything you need to know about The Iron Rig.

The Iron Rig Expansion

Release Date: August 15th
Platforms: Switch, PC, other consoles
Price: $11.99

What’s New in The Iron Rig?

The Iron Rig brings a wealth of new content to your DREDGE adventure. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features:

  • 2-5 Hours of Content: Playable at any time during your playthrough.
  • New Side-Story: Uncover ancient disturbances and help Ironhaven Corp's constructions.
  • Advanced Equipment: Craft a new tier of equipment with 8 new pieces of gear.
  • New Fish Species: Catch over 50 new fish.
  • Upgraded Boat Hull: Advance to a bigger and better tier of boat hull.
  • Enhanced Abilities: Research enhanced versions of some abilities.
  • Achievements: Earn 12 new achievements.

The Iron Rig Experience

The expansion introduces a new constructible town, adding depth and variety to your journey. With the help of new acquaintances, you can craft advanced equipment, items, and gadgets, enhancing your gameplay experience. However, be mindful that progress always comes at a price.

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Physical Collector’s Edition

In addition to the digital expansion, a physical collector’s edition has been announced. This edition is perfect for collectors and fans who want a tangible piece of the Dredge world. Stay tuned for more details on what’s included in the collector’s edition and where you can pre-order it.