DKlein x Wilier Triestina JENA Jungle DCO Gravel Bike

DKlein x Wilier Triestina JENA Jungle DCO Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes can be art too! To prove it, Artist Dustin Klein teamed up with Wilier Triestina to design a one-off JENA frame as part of the Wilier UNICO artist series.

American artist  Dustin Klein  matured artistically in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. Dustin is a multi-faceted artist who blends a strong passion for cycling with a wide variety of forms of visual art: painting, product design, lettering, graphic arts, tattooing and video making. His is an incredibly dynamic style that never stops evolving and adding new nuances to his works.

Each of his creations is born of intuition, a tactile and sensory experience combined with deep meditation. One of the works that makes  Dustin Klein’s  style truly unique is  Commotion, a graphic motif that he likes to call an interaction between the object and the energy that it represents.

“Commotion is an interaction with flow.

A visual results of energetic experiences.

There is no right. There is no wrong.”

Jena’s gravel frame  became  Dustin Klein’s  artist’s canvas in this new  UNICO  project.  We explored new horizons and new decorating techniques with Dustin. The  Commotion  pattern was reworked in an off-road perspective, reinterpreting the camouflage style – which is a perfect match for the gravel world – but with new shapes and colours. The experience began with sketches on paper that were digitally processed and then printed on a 1:1 scale on a thin hydrographic film. The print was transferred to the frame using the  water transfer  printing technique in which flat drawings are applied to three-dimensional surfaces by immersing the objects in a tank of water. This is an entirely new technique for  Wilier Triestina, but we are certain it will open the way to new and interesting graphic interpretations of our frames.