DJI's Innovative Power 1000 & Power 500: Powering Your Adventures and Drone Flights

Discover DJI's latest release: the Power 1000 and Power 500 power stations. With unique SDC technology and a focus on drone compatibility, these power stations offer advanced charging options and robust performance for tech-savvy users.

DJI's Innovative Power 1000 & Power 500: Powering Your Adventures and Drone Flights

DJI has ventured into the power station market with its new Power 1000 and Power 500 models, integrating innovative Smart DC (SDC) technology. These stations are designed to cater specifically to users of DJI drones, featuring the unique SDC and SDC Lite ports capable of fast charging certain DJI drone batteries. Priced at $699 and $379 respectively, both models support a plethora of AC and DC inputs and outputs, but fully leveraging their capabilities requires investing in additional SDC-specific dongles.

The Power 1000 is the more robust offering with a 1024Wh capacity and multiple high-output options including two USB-C ports and AC outputs up to 2200W, ideal for high-demand applications such as film shoots or outdoor activities. Notably, it offers a rapid recharge capability, achieving a full charge in about 70 minutes, and features quieter operation modes.

In contrast, the Power 500 provides a more compact solution with 512Wh capacity, suitable for less intensive use with its 1000W AC output and standard USB-C charging ports. Both units utilize LFP battery chemistry for increased safety and longevity, maintaining 80% capacity after 3000 charge cycles, and can function as UPS with a quick 0.02-second cutover response for unstable power grids.


  • Power 1000:
    • Capacity: 1024Wh
    • Output: Up to 2200W AC, 240W SDC
    • Input: Max 1200W, recharge in 70 mins
    • Ports: USB-C, SDC, AC
    • Weight: 13kg
  • Power 500:
    • Capacity: 512Wh
    • Output: Up to 1000W AC, 240W SDC
    • Input: Max 540W, slower recharge rate
    • Ports: USB-C, SDC Lite, AC
    • Weight: 7.3kg

While these features position the DJI power stations as compelling tools for drone users, the dependency on proprietary accessories could limit their appeal for non-DJI consumers. Future firmware updates promise to expand their capabilities, potentially increasing their utility and value.