Dirt, Sweat, Fever: Ulrich Bartholmoes' Inspiring Journey in the Race Around Rwanda

Dirt, Sweat, Fever: Ulrich Bartholmoes' Inspiring Journey in the Race Around Rwanda

Earlier this year, Ulrich Bartholmoes embarked on a remarkable adventure in the Race Around Rwanda (RaR), a challenging 1,000-kilometer ultra-endurance race. Despite facing a 40°C fever just days before the race, Ulrich’s determination and resilience pushed him to participate. The captivating film, “Dirt, Sweat, Fever,” produced by BMC and We Are Peny, chronicles Ulrich’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity and the unpredictable nature of ultra-cycling.

Ulrich’s Unexpected Challenge:

Just days before the grand depart of the 2023 Race Around Rwanda, Ulrich found himself bedridden with a high fever. It seemed unlikely that he would be able to participate at all. However, Ulrich’s decision to take part in the race was a carefully considered one, focusing on the effort and determination rather than the outcome. This setback forced him to adapt to the situation and taught him valuable lessons about gauging reasonable risks and safeguarding his long-term health.

Exploring Rwanda’s Beauty:

The Race Around Rwanda provided Ulrich with a unique opportunity to explore the stunning Rwandan countryside in two distinct modes: competitive racing and leisurely bikepacking. The contrast in pace allowed him to experience the diversity of Rwanda in a truly immersive way. From the exhilaration of the race to the unexpected challenges faced during bikepacking, Ulrich’s journey underscored his adventurous spirit and determination to push his boundaries.

Lessons Learned:

While the race result may have been a DNF (Did Not Finish), Ulrich’s journey was undeniably inspiring and a significant success. Through his experience, he gained a deeper understanding of his body’s capabilities and limitations, emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s body and avoiding overexertion. This valuable lesson will undoubtedly shape his future endeavors in the world of ultra-cycling.

“Dirt, Sweat, Fever” is a captivating film that showcases Ulrich Bartholmoes’ incredible journey in the Race Around Rwanda. Despite facing a 40°C fever, Ulrich’s determination and resilience propelled him forward, highlighting the unpredictable nature of ultra-cycling. This inspiring story serves as a reminder that sometimes the greatest victories come not from crossing the finish line, but from the personal growth and resilience found along the way.